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Stand-by Generator Special

Hurricane Season is in full effect! With a Generac generator combined with the Generac Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), you'll never be caught off guard. Should you suffer a power outage, the ATS senses the power loss and automatically starts your generator while switching to generator power. The ATS automatically senses when your utility service restores power and shuts down your Generac generator while switching back to utility power. There is no need to venture outside during a storm. Install a Generac Generator today and never be left in the dark again!

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Customer Referral Reward

Were you completely satisfied with your experience with Southern Reliant Electric, Inc.? Do you know someone in need of an electrical contractor? Refer Southern Reliant Electric, Inc. to a friend and receive a check in your name for $25.

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Panel Upgrade Discount

Did you know that older electrical panels (aka: the "breaker box") featuring a "stab-in" design of breaker are potential fire hazards and have been recalled and/or discontinued? Are your breakers warm to the touch? Does your electrical rolex replica panel make any strange noises? Does your home insurance require a particular brand or style of electrical panel? If you are concerned about your current electrical panel, Southern Reliant Electric, Inc. can quickly and neatly replace original use of the watch your existing panel with a newer, safer model. Most panel replacements are generally complete within 1 work day or less.

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*Coupon Terms and Conditions

Generator Installation Discount applies to the purchase and installation of a Generac Generator and Automatic Transfer Switch from Southern Reliant Electric, Inc., an authorized Generac Dealer. Customer Referral Reward applies to the referral of a fake omega watches new customer to Southern Reliant Electric, Inc. resulting in sales or service. Panel Upgrade Discount applies to the purchase and installation of an upgraded electrical load center of same amperage and comparable circuit count from the original model.